Yep! You want pizza,subs,BBQ,filet mignon,breakfast,mexican,southern, or anything? You just tell us what you want and lets go from there!

Can you open a little earlier on your open days for parties?

Want to open up at 1PM on a Wednesday? Give us a shout!

Do you have drink specials?

All the time. We have different specials for different days that change periodically. 

Some are so special we cannot talk about them unless you are here. You have to show up to take advantage!

Do you have TVs?

Absolutely! We love sports! We also have a 6ftX4ft screen for the game of the night 

What is your dress code?

Put it this way. Flip flops,shorts and T-shirts are fine. This is Savannah!

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes and of course it is free!

What form of payments do you take?

Cash,Visa,MasterCard,American Express, and Discover

Got any questions? 

Email,facebook, or call us!

Mission Statement

What about opening up on your off days like Sun-Tues for private events?

Sunday we are not allowed to open but Monday or Tuesday bring it on! We can handle pretty much anything. We have done small events all the way up to parties of 400+ for Fortune 500 companies!

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Do you offer reservations?

Yes. Great for Bachelorette, Bachelor, Birthday, Wedding, Business, Corporate or any party! We have these two upper raised sections for that. If you have 15 or more people and can be here by 9:15PM, email us or give us a call. . After 9:15PM the section will be open to the public so be here on time so you can get your seat! Please no holding tables and chairs.  Also we do not charge extra  for reserved tables.

What about smaller parties?
Those are first come first serve.  We only
do two(2) reservations a night anyways. 
Our venue holds 450+ people.  Plus we get large groups (30-50 people)all thru out the night.  That means big groups are coming and going all night which makes room fast. Also we do not charge a fee for tables or chairs. 
Do you specialize in Bachelorette Parties?
Heck Yea! Sometimes we get over 50 Bachelorette parties a night.  You can put her on stage, drink some champagne, or make her do her checklist! 
How late do you serve food?
We will serve anything on our menu till 2:45AM!​

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What are your hours?

Wed-Sat 7PM-3AM

How old to you have to 

be to enter?

ALL bars downtown you have to be 21+ to enter. Sorry

Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.